Alun is chartered Physiotherapist and graduate Oxford Brookes University who previously played at a National level for Wales in Rugby Union. Following a sporting injury he changed his focus to music, media and healthcare. After working for years as a Physiotherapy Assistant in Cardiff, Alun enrolled as a Physiotherapy Student in 2013.

Ben Wilkins - Co-founder & Clinical Director

Fluid Motion Team

Hilary is a chartered Physiotherapist and graduate of Oxford Brookes University as well as a graduate of the University of Warwick where she studied Biological Sciences. Hilary's scientific and medical knowledge helped develop the Fluid Motion programme and has a background in sports coaching.

Allun Bonello - Co-founder & Advisor

Hannah is a registered Osteopath (B.Ost).  After growing up in Madrid and Paris she returned to the UK with a desire to innovate and a keen interest to pursue a career in healthcare. Her personal experience as a swimmer, lifeguard and healthcare professional led her to take an active part in Fluid Motion. Her GOsC registration number is 9186. 

Annie is a graduate Medical Student at Oxford University currently on F1 rotation. In addition to her clinical studies Annie has co-ordinated outreach programmes in Oxfordshire during summer terms enabling students to volunteer with children and adolescents who have behavioural and educational needs. 

Dr. Annie Archer - Medical Sciences Advisor

Ben is a registered Osteopath (M.Ost) who is a trained and practicing Aquatic Therapist. He is a post-grad at the University of Oxford and a graduate of Oxford Brookes University where he studied for his Masters in Osteopathy and was awarded the Santander Scholarship for Social Enterprise in 2014. In 2015 Ben was awarded with the High Sheriff's Award for dedication to the communities of Oxfordshire, and was also shortlisted by the Institute of Osteopathy for 'Associate Osteopath of the Year' and 'Excellence in Research and Clinical Practice' awards. Ben's registration number with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) is 8961. 

Hilary Smith - Co-founder & Advisor

Gemma Moir-Meyer - Programme Development Manager

Gemma is a researcher at the University of Oxford's Molecular Haemotology Unit. She has over ten years experience in coaching and management in the not-for-profit sector and a longstanding passion for community involvement. In her role at Fluid Motion, Gemma combines her love of health science, sport and outreach by working to maximise the programme's benefits to participants.

Hannah Parr - Secretary and Operations Manager